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> Trump on the Iraq war, Just what was his position?
post Nov 5 2016, 07:35 AM
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Trump makes a big point of being against the Iraq war before the authorizing vote unlike his democratic opponent. To quote Donald "I said it loud and clear, 'You'll destabilize the Middle East.'" Well, decide for yourself. Here from factcheck.org.


On Feb. 13, in the most recent debate, Trump said: "I said it loud and clear, 'You'll destabilize the Middle East.'" In the Sept. 16, 2015 debate, Trump claimed that he "fought very, very hard against ... us going into Iraq," saying he could provide "25 different stories" to prove his opposition.

Trump has even said that he was "visited by people from the White House" in attempt to silence him, because, he said, he was getting "disproportionate amount of publicity" for his opposition to the war.

There is no evidence that we could find, however, that he spoke against the war before it started, although we did find he expressed early concerns about the cost and direction of the war a few months after it started.

Others have looked, but no one else, including PolitiFact and the Washington Post Fact Checker, has been able to find any evidence to support his claims, either. Now, BuzzFeed reports that Trump indicated his support for war in a radio interview with shock jock Howard Stern on Sept. 11, 2002 a little more than six months before the war started.

Stern asked Trump directly if he supported going to war with Iraq, and Trump hesitantly responded, "Yeah, I guess so."

Questions for discussion:

Do you have any evidence either from this article or some other source that Trump "fought very, very hard against ... us going into Iraq,"?

Do you think Trump's credibility on this matter is a serious concern or is it just normal politics?

As a psychological matter do you think Trump actually believes he actively opposed the war before the March 2003 vote?

Does this matter tell you anything about his fitness to be president?

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post Nov 5 2016, 07:26 PM
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Glasses and journalism work for me.

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I'll be surprised if anyone attempts to answer the debate questions, as this is a very old turd in the Trump Mountain pile of poop.

However, it does remind me of how nobody had been for the Vietnam police action after the fall of Saigon and how nobody had voted for RMN after his resignation.

When Trump loses this week, will there still be shame like that? I kinda doubt it. Along with difficulty with logic, seems a large portion of the population can no longer feel shame. Guess that goes along with having lost personal ethics and moral compasses, very bad news for the evangelicals out there.

Puts new meaning to having been trumped.

Yeah, I put money into XYZ Corp. and got royally trumped.

Hey, don't try to trump me! I know when I'm being trumped.

Lexicographers, you paying attention? Of course you are. Trump is about to become the new screw.

Seems a fitting end to a shull bit trade mark. Let the power of language take care of it.
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