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> Planning Ahead, Keeping AD's community together
post Jun 13 2018, 06:03 PM
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Millennium Mark

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From: North Carolina
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I was wondering if anybody else here thinks it's a good idea to have a backup plan just in case Americasdebate goes down. It's possible that Mike and Jamie will come back with further plans for AD because they're continuing to pay for the cost of the domain and thus far when the website has gone down, as it did a few days ago, they've worked to fix the problem but in the scenario that we do lose AD, we'd lose what's left of our debating community and some of us have debated here for over a decade. Personally, I've debated here since 2007, have gotten to know some of the members, and developed a lot of my debating skills here so from my perspective it'd be unfortunate to see that happen. AD is also an interesting concept in itself, I think America should have a dedicated spot to debate a range of issues, including with members of other nations when they find an interest.

As for what we'd plan to do if the website goes down, I'm open to any ideas. Perhaps we could think of a common place we'd meet in the scenario that the website goes down, or exchange contact information and figure that out at a later time, there's a number of things that we could do.

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post Yesterday, 09:03 PM
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Advanced Senior Contributor

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Cool, Droop! I guess it would be fine with you if you were in the hospital and your nurse chose to use her platform to lecture you on Obama's "failed policies".
Or a restaurant...I'm sure a waiter that offers said lecture would receive appreciation and an extra big gratuity from you.
LOL no it would not be fine with me. I'm in the hospital... I'm hungry... But that's missing the "huge" point. If you are at a place where I think its appropriate for you to tell me how great our nation is, then you are in a place where you can tell me where America sucks.

Well, team spirit is narcissistic too isn't it? "We're (team x) look how great we are!"
YES, it is!! But I bet you would feel fine if I said Conservatives generally show more "team spirit" than liberals, but be offended if I were to say Conservatives generally are more narcissistic than liberals. You get where I'm going with that?

Should the player use this platform to protest his own team or own sponsoring state rather than the country as a whole?
Think that would go over well? Should it go over well?
The further left the less they would care, the further right the more they would give a crap. (with exceptions)

Wrong. I prefer no personal political propaganda when I am the paying customer.
Obviously some political speech is more insulting than other political speech.
"Hey you're great! I'm great, we're all great" beats the hell out of "you suck!"

It that REALLY so hard to understand?
Honestly, yes and no. It's real easy to understand what you said, its really hard to figure out how you would apply it and how your application would be replicated to someone else.

Segue to Trouble

I disagree. Terrorism never meant anything... ever. Morality still has the same meaning and it is the singular concept that prevents us from being mere animals. (yes, I admit thinking we are more than mere animals may be delusional).

You mean "The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." has not been employed and then manipulated by the state for the exercise of imperial power? You are saying it never meant anything??
Trouble its not that i didn't think that Terrorism had a definition. Only that Terror is the root word of Terrorism. and yet there is a contingency of unlawfulness for something to be terror-ism. Whose law? Huh? Whose law? Is it the law of the party being terrorized or is it the law of the party terrorizing? Is it law of the State or can it be religious law? Does it have to be a U.N. recognized nation or can it be any group with an identity. I mean its not that people fled screaming for their lives and people lost there lives when planes came a crashing on 9/11 that made it a terrorism. Oh no, its because it is illegal to crash planes into buildings. blink.gif

Bottom line i understand my mistake in the way i made my first statement won't do it again.

Back to Mrs P

I understand "personal"; I understand "political"; and I understand "propaganda". I even understand "political propaganda." What I don't understand is "personal political propaganda" Is it personal when i talk about a person, or is it personal when i am doing it by myself... or, like terrorism, does it exist on a "i know it when i see it" basis.

Now Football is a good example. So athletes come out the locker room and place their hands over their heart in a sign of positive political speech\propaganda... they don't say anything. Kaepernick takes a seat... doesn't say anything. Was that personal political propaganda\speech? I think so because many on the Right were unhappy. Was it personal because it was just him? Later during the year, whole teams started kneeling, with a few exceptions. So was the whole team making "personal political propaganda" Now i'm not so sure, but still conservatives didn't like it. In one case, the whole Pittsburgh Steelers team decided to stay in the locker room for the national anthem, except one. And it seems that conservatives LOVED this personal political speech of this one player in contrast to the team. Again, honestly i think the phrase "personal political propaganda" will boil down to political speech one does not like.

"Hey you're great! I'm great, we're all great" beats the hell out of "you suck!"
Yes, i guess it does. wink2.gif But "you suck, I suck, we all suck" is a necessary statement if you suck. You're great, I'm great, we're all great, is just cheerleading. Great for morale, not so great for fixing inequities.

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