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> The death of white guilt?
post Nov 8 2008, 11:34 AM
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Century Mark

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Tom Adkins provides a perspective on the effect of Obama's election on racial attitudes in America that is sure to provoke debate. It would be interesting to hear your take on his positions.

Here is a snippet,

For over a century, the millstone of white guilt hung around our necks, retribution for slave-owning predecessors. In the 60s, American liberals began yanking that millstone while sticking a fork in the eye of black Americans, exacerbating the racial divide to extort a socialist solution. But if a black man can become President, exactly what significant barrier is left? The election of Barak Obama absolutely destroys the entire validation of liberal white guilt. The dragon is hereby slain.

The entire article can be found here. (my sincere thanks to BoF for providing the link and for doing it with such charm).

Does Adkins make a valid case?

If not, where does he go wrong?
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post Nov 8 2008, 02:41 PM
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Giga-bite: "I catch mice & rats - 2 & 4 legs."

October 2004

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You are welcome to the link I sent you and I am ever so happy that you appreciated my Texas style "charm." devil.gif

Does Adkins make a valid case?

Guilt is something that’s hard to measure. A therapist using a testing instrument or interview technique might be able to detect guilt, white or otherwise, but I doubt Tom Adkins can make a case for anyone beyond himself.

If not, where does he go wrong?

Adkins goes wrong on a number fronts.

This seemingly impossible event occurred because the vast majority of white Americans didn’t give a fluff about skin color, and enthusiastically pulled the voting lever for a black man. Not just any black man. A very liberal black man who spent his early career race-hustling banks, praying in a racist church for 20 years, and actively worked with America-hating domestic terrorists. Wow! Some resume! Yet they made Barak Obama their leader. Therefore, as of Nov 4th, 2008, white guilt is dead.

I don’t know what it has to do with guilt, but the “vast majority of white Americans” did not “pull the voting lever” for Obama.

According to this exit poll only 43% of white Americans voted for Obama.

Further, the article is filled with vicious diatribes like, “neo socialism,” “ “dope-smoking” “free love and cop-killing,” and “filthy.”

You get the idea. The whole damned piece is a hatchet job and a rehashing of all the negative crap thrown at Obama for the past two years. I guess hoping that Obama would get a honeymoon form such annoying garbage was just wistful thinking. It seems to be what keeps right-wingers going. Such righteous motivation. Thanks for making ad.gif a landfill holdingtheline. thumbsup.gif

While Adkins may not feel any guilt, I would suggest that he setup an appointment with the next available shrink. He might discover his inner hatred, and though he so vociferously denies “white guilt,” a few sessions on the couch might uncover some guilt and whatever other demons lurk in the depths of his tortured being.

This post has been edited by BoF: Nov 8 2008, 08:18 PM
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