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America's Debate _ Democrat Debate _ pResident Donald Trump

Posted by: Curmudgeon Oct 18 2020, 11:38 AM

I am fast approaching the age of 75. I am retired, and I sleep when my body allows me to rest...

This has been a political campaign year unlike any that I can recall. Our stolen "yard signs" have had to be replaced and they are now taped to the inside of the windows on our house. We will remember to take them down as I used to fill the car with gas at a filling station where the George Bush for President yard sign was taken down from the second story window of the house next door to the gas station only a couple of years ago!

When I woke yesterday, PE was listening to Donald Trump's rant from our local airport on the FOX news network...

QUOTE(Donald Trump)
I don't want just four more years! I want eight! Twelve! sixteen more years!

We followed Plan A for avoiding Covid exposure when large crowds come to town. We phoned a local restaurant and ordered delivery

I just woke up from a dream where he was still in the white house after a new President had been sworn in. Two secret service members walked him out to a waiting Marine One Helicopter, held his hands above his head for a cheering crowd, and then took his arms down one at a time and handcuffed them behind his back and led him aboard as newscasters speculated on which court jurisdiction he was being flown to...

It was a nice change to wake up from a pleasnt dream!

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