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> Center = Republican right (or lite), How is this true???
post Nov 11 2004, 10:50 PM
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Millennium Mark

Group: Members
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From: Phoenix AZ
Gender: Male
Politics: Independent
Party affiliation: Private

In several threads and topics involving the Democrat postitions and future leaders and policies there is the repeated idea that we should not become "Republican Lites" by heading back towards the political center. We even have one poster who suggested to another that if a move towards center was what they desired they should pack up and switch to being a Republican?!?
Does being moderate or centrist truly mean one does not belong in the Democrat party?

Do you believe supporting moving towards the center makes a Democrat a Republican?
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Cube Jockey
post Nov 11 2004, 11:18 PM
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Now with more truthiness

May 2004

Group: Sponsors
Posts: 2,799
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Joined: September-16-03

From: San Francisco, CA
Gender: Male
Politics: Liberal
Party affiliation: Democrat

Do you believe supporting moving towards the center makes a Democrat a Republican?
My answer is neither. What suggesting a move to the center says to me is that we haven't learned anything from our continued defeats in Presidential elections. Clinton's presidency was a fluke in my opinion and his election had far less to do with being a centrist and far more to do with the combination of charisma and people being fed up with Republicans.

It isn't so much our platform that is flawed (although there are certainly problems with it in my opinion) as how we play the game. Just taking the example of the last Presidential election, the actual differences between the positions of Bush and Kerry on key issues wasn't all that different. There were a few issues where their positions differed, but there wasn't a huge gap. Of course people associated all kinds of things to each candidate that they aren't simply because of political labels. People said Kerry would allow gay marriage even though he said no such thing and has never voted to the effect (He and Edwards were absent from that vote remember).

Where Kerry got killed is on the intagibles (i.e. Charisma and Passion) and how he and his campaign team played the game. The exact same thing can be said for Al Gore. Neither of them was able to inspire us or deliver a plan for America in a bite sized chunk that the American electorate could digest. Neither effectively countered negative messages coming from the other side.

Bush was able to do this by being the loveable, folksy, one-of-the-guys Texan. In my opinion it had very little to do with his policies and a lot to do with his charisma and the fact that Kerry just underperformed.

Looking strictly at political strategy, mastery of the media, message, etc Bush came on the field with an all pro team and we fielded our JV team, it shouldn't be surprising that we lost.

We have two parties for a reason, and there needs to be a difference between them. We can't have Republicans and Republicans-lite (aka Democrats). We have some brilliant people with brilliant ideas, liberal ideas at that, but the problem is we have no salesman and that is our problem.

If people really buy into this "move to the center" thing in the party leadership then we should get prepared for one thing - more loses. The center is not the answer, beating the Republicans in the game is.

What we need is the Democrat equivalent of Karl Rove in terms of intelligence, not vileness and we need him or her yesterday.
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post Nov 11 2004, 11:53 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 19
Member No.: 3,052
Joined: May-7-04

From: Portland Oregon
Gender: Male
Politics: Slightly Liberal
Party affiliation: Democrat

Do you believe supporting moving towards the center makes a Democrat a Republican?

"democrat" and "republican" are labels. Moving to the center mean nothing as far as the label goes -- hell, Zell Miller is a Democrat. Moving to the center DOES imply you are willing to change your beliefs; so my question is what part of your liberal / progressive agenda are you willing to throw under the bus for political expediency: the environment? labor issues? gay rights? reproductive freedom?

I am considering changing my political affiliation: ohmy.gif this does not mean i am changing my beliefs... it means i want to change the forum in which i express them. My reasoning is this:

1) the democrats are finished, nationally. two more congressional cycles, a couple more retirements from aging southern democrats like Byrd, and the D's wont even be able to filibuster.

2) by and large the democratic candidates i want will be advanced without me; so i can have more of an impact by voting for moderate republicans in the primary and saving the option of crossing over in the general election

3) a schism is brewing in the republican party. The moderates won't abandon it, because heck, lets face it, that is where the power is. Instead, they need help wresting control of the party apparatus from the extremists; to do this, moderate republicans need help from moderate democrats, labor, pro-environment groups.

I have been thinking about this for some time... since early summer... i can't quite bring myself to do it... but i am getting closer

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Adam Stone
post Jan 4 2005, 08:20 AM
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New Member

Group: New Members
Posts: 4
Member No.: 4,190
Joined: January-4-05

Gender: Male
Politics: Moderate
Party affiliation: Democrat

Do you believe supporting moving towards the center makes a Democrat a Republican?



No I do not believe moving towards the center makes a Democrat a Republican! I have always been in the center of our party. I am a Pro-Life Democrat,we are gaining strength within the DNC. We oppose Abortion on demand i.e. abortion used as birth control. We also oppose Capital Punishment unless the conviction was supported by DNA evidence, we also oppose Euthanasia. The interesting thing about Liberals is that they are (breeding) themselves out of power with their continued support of abortion rights! How?..well..Liberals have far more abortions than Conservatives! Conservatives continue to breed more Conservatives!

Now it may take a few more losses to convince Liberals to move to the center of our party but they will move or loose power for 40 years or more.

Pro-Life Democrats understand this situation while romantic liberals do not yet understand their political fate.

In the Center and Proud!

We were (once) the party that supported all human rights...the liberals decided years ago that the (human) fetus did not (deserve) equal protection under the law. They made a grave error,history will not be kind to our party,liberals did not defend the weakest among us. It may be too late for them but the Center may be our only hope!

Adam Stone

This post has been edited by Adam Stone: Jan 4 2005, 09:25 AM
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