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> The Lenticular Reentry Vehicle, The truth, about UFO's? US secret technology?
Billy Jean
post Nov 26 2003, 05:51 AM
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Millennium Mark

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In our July 1997 cover story, “Roswell Plus 50,” POPULAR MECHANICS detailed how Air Force interest in duplicating Nazi technology led to two American flying disc projects. Project Silver Bug sought to build a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Project Pye Wacket was to create small discs for use as air-to-air missiles. Documents declassified since then point to a third secret project, a 40-ft. “flying saucer” designed to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space.

The official designation for America’s nuclear flying saucer was the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV). It was designed by engineers at the Los Angeles Division of North American Aviation, under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The project was managed out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, where German engineers who had worked on rocket plane and flying disc technology had been resettled.

The LRV escaped public scrutiny because it was hidden away as one of the Pentagon’s so-called “black budget” items -- that is, a secret project that is incorporated into some piece of nonclassified work. On Dec. 12, 1962, security officers at Wright-Patterson classified the LRV as secret because: “It describes an offensive weapon system.” The project remained classified until May 1999, when a congressionally mandated review of old documents changed the project’s status as a government secret, downgrading it to public information. The Department of Defense did, however, successfully seek to have the document’s distribution restricted to defense contractors. PM obtained its copy as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request.


Does this craft or incarnations of it explain away the UFO phenomena? If this was the stage of American technology 40 years ago, combined with what is publicly known about our ability of space travel and other declassified technologies, is it reasonable to assume that that what people claim to see in the sky is in fact American and all so human in design and piloted? Also, what is the true state of American technology in this regard? If what we know of is amazing, what about what we don't know about? hmmm.gif

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post Nov 26 2003, 06:32 PM
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Five Hundred Club

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Flying saucers where developed in Germany and the first sightings were during the Battle of Berlin. Eventually there were sightings out in the Northwest (Oregon) in the 40s and I am convinced they wrecked one of their toys out in the New Mexico dessert. BMW did not design those incredible automobiles they have become famous for in WWII. They designed aircraft and one of them was a flying disc and this technology was divided up between the Soviets and the U.S. after the war. The earliest sighting of these gizmos were in Siberia and the U.S.. I've been interested in this since I was a teenager and I'll offer a quote from my favorite book on the subject.

The only execption to the lack of interest shown by authority was constitured by the Air Ministry/Reichsluftfahrtministerium or RLM). The Air Force research workers were in a peculiar position. They produced interesting new types such as the Delta...and flying discs. The first of these 'flying saucers', as they were later called - circular in shape with a diameter of some 45 yards-were buirt by the specialists at Shriever, Habermohl and Miethe. There were first airborne February 14th 1945, over Prague and reached in three minutes a height of nearly eight mile4s. They had a speed of 1250 mph which was doulbed in subsequent Russians. Miethe develeped at a later date 'flying saucers' at a.V. Roe and Company for the United States.

The flying flap-jack was one of the projects the Germans worked on and it bears a stiking resemblance to the stealth aircraft. Coincidence? Maybe, but my thinking on the subject is that the fact that the Nazi's were into all manor of mysticism and that may account for the nebulas paranormal aspect of UFOs. But getting back to the main issue, for some reason I am not quite sure how this technology has been kept secret for over a half of a century, how is that even possible? I'll share one more quote to try to get this thread started.

This book is largely aimed at people who are interested in UFOs, but who may suspect that the military have been using stories of aliens as a cover behind which to fly their advanced technology aircraft...I suspect that information on black projects will continue to trickle out, although we must realize that many of the projects will not be made public until well into the next century. As a result classified groeing number of military UFO researchers will make good progress in their search for the truth behind reports of unusual crat in our skies.
   We know that 'the truth is out there' and we have a pretty good idea where to look!

(UFO Revelation Tim Matthews)

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Abs like Jesus
post Nov 26 2003, 06:45 PM
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Cross Training Instructor

June 4, 2003

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Does this craft or incarnations of it explain away the UFO phenomena?
I doubt seriously if anything will ever conclusively explain it away for those with a fanatical obsession. There have also been other explanations given for UFO "phenomena" in recent years, including declassified documents detailing intrusions of respective air space by both the United States and Soviets during the Cold War. Rather than acknowledge that the enemy was capable of flying over the heads of defenseless Americans some reports were classified and then given questionable explanations by the government.

Is it reasonable to assume that that what people claim to see in the sky is in fact American and all so human in design and piloted?
I think it is reasonable to assume that whatever people claim to see in the sky is terrestrial in nature, whether by human manufacturing or natural phenomena. To make the unsubstantiated leap to alien conspiracy theories, in my opinion, is very unreasonable.
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post Nov 26 2003, 10:44 PM
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Every day, when I wake up, I thank the Lord I'm Welsh

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From: Swindon, UK
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I read somewhere that 97% of UFO sightings could in fact be explained by someone who knew what they were about - atmospheric phenomena, balloons, ordinary aircraft, observer intoxication, etc.

The other 3% were harder to pin down, but of those, the majority were either too insubstantial or transient to support any investigation. Only a tiny fraction remained "unidentified".

And none of these actual UFOs (as opposed to IFOs?) could be explained, by anyone, simply because nobody knows what they are. That's why they are called "unidentified".

Britain closed it's UFO monitoring unit because in their entire history they weren't presented with more than a handful of claims that couldn't be explained, which didn't justify the expense of keeping it open. (Sorry, I tried a few searches to confirm this, but drew a blank. Perhaps the aliens have erased all the records. blink.gif )
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