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Full Version: Any predictions for the dems in 2006?
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Big Evil
There was alot of "would be" front liners last election, and I fear for our country's well being if one of half of those losers get's elected, who do you predict will be the lead canidate for 2006 election? I ask democrats specificaly cause after 8 years of Bush, I think the American people have had an overkill in republicanism. And as simply minded as the average American citizen is, they cannot stomache too much of something for too long, regardless of how good or bad it is..

Howard Dean:
Perhaps the person I'd want to run the most. Alot of people see him as an angery little man who'd lead this country into a practical communism. I see him as an agressive, assurtive, honost dude who's not afraid to voice his opinion. Howard Dean has what few canidates lack, a backbone. And in any animal kingdom it takes the one with the largest backbone to lead the pack, and that's what electing a president is all about. Voting for the leader of the pack.

John Kerry:
John Kerry is the total oppisite of Howard Dean. I feel he's a spineless worm who only says what you want to hear. And that's partialy because he's a coporate puppet and I can garantee you if John Kerry was elected, he'd put America in the hands of big buiseness more then the supreme court has already. I'm relived to say I don't think he's going to run though. He's kept a very low profile sense Bush won lastime, and he's far too lazy to really be a threat.

Al Gore:
I pretty much just stuck Al Gore in here for comedy relief, no-one takes the man seriously. And he made Clinton look like a genious. If anything, with his stupid beard now he'll be a greenie..

John Edwards:
John Edwards isn't particularly a bad nor good guy, his passive attitude could've made a good canidate, however he dug his own grave being paired as Kerry's lackey and relying on the brain-cell deprived MTV to get his voice heard.. He is by far no threat..

Hillary Clinton:
This one scares me. Alot. As much as I think it would be great to have a woman president, I wouldn't want it to be Hillary Clinton. (Nor Laura Bush for that matter unless I wanted my state to be renamed "Exodus" or something..)

Hillary Clinton sounds alot like those evil dictators who slowly climb the ladder to power, she stayed with a womanizing idiot of a man simply so she could be near the seat of power. She's manipulated and lied and put on an agressive attitude to gain respect amongst her peers, and evil shines the most when idiocy runs rampant, which is obvious in our country's leaders. Because we havn't seen a really good leader in a long-long time, Hillary Clinton looks alright, same thing happend with Hitler. Is Hillary Clinton like Hitler? No.. but then again nobody is, that doesn't change the fact that she would be bad for the country.. However I have a feeling she'd probably run..

A Frash Start:
Highly unlikely, but you never know. A suprise canidate may spring up and appeal to everyone.

So what do you think?

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