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Full Version: Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
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Has anyone heard anything about the patented M.E.G. ( Motionless Electromagnetic Generator) ?

Supposedly, this guy named Tom Beardon has invented a doodad that creates electricity. (It doesn't break the Law of Conservation of Matter) It supposedly uses magnets and a small electric charge to pull electromagnetic waves out of a vacuum. Hence, a small box that produces massive amounts of electricity.

Technical info:Rexresearch

What do you think? Could it be real? Will we be buying a small box at Wal-mart to power our homes in the future? What will this do to our economy?
Stefan Fargus
It looks pretty real to me, actually. I don't think you're going to be looking at a small box, though... The writings of the inventors seemed to indicate that they are being upsized for commercial production. I'm guessing the small version doesn't generate all that much power. It will be interesting to see what happens with it, though. The site appears to be somewhere along the lines of a year old, and it said something to the effect of models rolling off the assembly line in one year. If it is available, it will be interesting to see the reaction to it. I'm genuinely surpised "big oil" hasn't bought up the patents.
Mega Gigan
Aw man! He totally took my idea! Heh, I wish. Though I have VERY skeptical on how this works. It seems to me that he could be using a bunch of technical terms for how a magnet works. I'll have to look much deeper into this though. It doesn't seem possible though.
have any of you read "friday" by robert heinlein? in it the have these things called "shipstones" they come in a variety of sizes, from big enough to power a starship to small enough for your remote. the way they describe them is that the store energy that is drawn of the energy that surronds everything. (the "force") this energy is EVERYWHERE! people have built and tried to patent these things in the past, but they have always been destroyed and the people intimidated. (by those that have the most to lose, the power companies) but they can no longer stifle it, the public is aware of this technology. someone that is involved in this type of tech went onto coast to coast am w/ george noory, which broadcasts nation wide on am, and is stream all around the globe via the internet. this tech is going to revolutionize the world.

the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator uses something that is known in physics as ZERO POIN ENERGY, this energy is all around you, and is what I consider "god" or spirit. it is the life force that runs through everything.
Hey, this info comes at a perfect time! I'm researching energy and energy policy right now. Can the physics work? Shoot, I'm not an EM phsycist--but I know some and will ask.

I thought it was significant that the info had been "briefly" on the DOE website. Is that just an idle claim or for real?

I'm suspecting that this generator (if it works) needs to be oriented in a static way, and so might not be appropriate for transportation. I mean, if it draws upon earth's EM, then it probably needs a north/south orientation. This is just a layman's guess since physics is a hobby to me. However, if it can draw any old EM like radio waves, microwaves, and all the other EM waves floating around these days, then this along with perhaps a small solar array for charging the battery (the generator needs a power source to start up) might be a viable transportation solution.

Then I'd question if these things are going to weigh too much for transportation. Magnets and coils are not light!

However--that is exactly how we generate electricity today. We turn turbines, ultimately, to produce the watts. Those turbines are made up of (taaaa-daaaahhhh)

Magnets and coils.

The one exception is direct conversion of solar energy to electrical energy.

So this generator does direct conversion of magnetic energy to electrical energy. I hope it works because this could very well be, along with solar, the final, elegant answer.

Excited electrons turn me on, I guess wub.gif So does an elegant solution to a tough problem heart.gif
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