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Full Version: Hydrogen Powered Cars
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During the Pres' State of the Union I was happily surprised by his Hyrdrogen Powered car idea, any thoughts?

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Rancid Uncle
He only talked about Hydrogen powered cars because they are 15-20 years away from hurting the oil and automobile industry. If he talked about making SUV's more fuel efficient that would hurt his buddies right now.
And who are his "buddies" in the oil companies? huh.gif

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Or more importantly which will help the environment more? The world must get away from fossil fuels for numerous reason. This is a step in that direction, I don't know how much the government money will help, but it is not likely to be money wasted, I liked this proposal a lot.
If we had hydrogen powered cars we wouldn't have to rely on the Saudis anymore. biggrin.gif

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I agree that there needs to be an alternative found for fossil fuels, but the fact remains that the vast majority of the world relies on oil, and will do so for some time, even after other fuels are attainable. Therefore there needs to be more investment into finding oil. That said, I am not sure if Fuel Cells are the way to go. Hydrogen has to be made somehow. It is not just "sucked" out of the air as the car drives along. It takes a large amount of energy to create Hydrogen from H20, which is what a lot of companies are proposing to power fuel cell vehicles. I for one do not see why more people do not choose diesel engines for their cars. (When they are available.) They are more fuel efficient, cleaner than they ever have been, they provide more torque and HP (at lower RPMs) than gasoline engines, and plus they last much longer. My father in law has a full size Dodge Turbo Diesel Truck for his farm and he gets over 22 mpg! The diesel Jetta gets mileage as good or better than the Honda Civic & Toyota Prius Hybrid cars, all while being much less expensive and complicated. I for one would like to see how they are planning to mass produce Hyrdogen and transport it. (Considering how volatile it is.)
QUOTE(stotty203 @ Feb 1 2003, 04:49 PM)
I agree ..., but the fact remains that the vast majority of the world relies on oil, and will do so for some time, even after other fuels are attainable.  Therefore there needs to be more investment into finding oil.  That said,...

I don't see any reason for oil to be central to an intelligent energy policy. And deisel, cleaner or not is still a cancer scare, which is NOT appealing as a smart form of energy.

Posted this link in another energy related thread...RE: Hydrogen

Hydrogen can be generated by the same process that consumes it. It doesn't need to be a very efficient system. A large tank of water in a car using all known viable energy recapture mechanisms and acquisition methods (Solar powered skin, Efficient regenerative braking, High efficiency CLEAN hydrogen fuel cells like those in Europe vs those in the USA etc.) a vehical can augment the electrical supply needed to simultaneously electrolyze and combust the water. Don't go packin high explosive hydrogen on board... its not necessary. Just get used to a bigger tank to hold more water for the same mileage on the early systems. I would be tickled pink if a car like this used brown water from the home... pull into the jiffy dump and pull the lever to eject the solids which have been reverse osmosed from the brown water.. and recycle that too. Haven't heard of anybody actually building this kind of car, but I have heard of a process.... saw it on TV where a guy developed a method of blowing holes in aluminum using just a few cc's of water and a high voltage low amperage zap. Clearly a "cascade" of energy effect. So your car doesn't get great water mileage? so what? biggrin.gif
Minute Man
Jetson appeal. That is it.

Now diesel is neither dirtier nor any more cancer causing (show stastical evidence modern diesel technology causes cancer...we are still running old mechanical injected systems...modern are electronic injected) when done correctly. More importantly, modern diesels can run on biodiesel, a fuel TOTALLY renewable and domestic. The only reason we are not doing it is at best, this fuel is still twice the cost of petroleum.

Its not far-fetched either. Its being done in Europe.
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