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How can any man who decides he wants to run for political office, on cue suddenly experience a miraculous born again Christian conversion…not being critical, the coincidence is just too opportunistic. A story right out of Hollywood--*Bush said to James Robinson: 'I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can't explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. .. I know it won't be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it.,00.html

From those you who believe in George bush, I ask: What kind of Christian would cold-bloodedly attack an innocent country, using lies as a pretext?

What kind of Christian would do anything & everything possible to make life more difficult for Americans? *exception to that-- those George calls his base, you know the top 1%...those who already have everything a man could want ..10 times over?

What kind of Christian would invoke God and or Jesus name merely to further benefit himself and his lust for power?

My "God" is about giving, kindness, love, compassion, goodness, charity, caring, help, and love thy neighbor!

My faith says; help those who are down-trodden, the meek, the elderly, the tired, those down on their luck, the weary, the handicapped, the sick, the starving, the dying, and the poor!

My god sees no nationality; my god does not place the importance of an American life as superior in importance to the lives of other peoples from other Nations.

My God includes all the Worlds peoples as his children, not just those people who are in the top 1% tax bracket.

The god George bush worships can't be the same god I know...Why you ask? George bush actions speak volumes about who this man really is; his actions say greed is good; life is expendable-- as long as it's in the pursuit of material objects and or political advantage; lying is justified and excused as long as the lying and dying is for self-centered selfishness and or corporate gain!

President George bush and his actions SCREAM--the rich should be given advantage; the poor should be keep at a disadvantage!!

Do you consider George and his actions moral or immoral? What do you and your God say?

America's Debate does not accept topics of a religious nature.

For debate relating to religion, we recommend, which is run by AD member Otseng.
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