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Full Version: I found Colin Powell
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I had noted an absence of our Secretary of State from the news as of late. Seems he's been sent off to South Africa, in place of the President, for an "environmental summit" see: Powell in South Africa. It should be noted that the summit's official name is "World Summit on Sustainable Development" which seems to indicate more than merely environmental issues.

Are Greens skewing the signifigance of the President's absence at this summit or should he shut up about Iraq for awhile and spend his vacation in South Africa?
From my viewing of the news and current events the Greens don’t really know what’s going on until months after the fact…

For example when the vice president had the council to create the nations energy policy he invited members of Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and other environmental organizations. Not one member showed up, but a few months down the road they were all over the news complaining that they were not there to help… seems a lot of times they miss the boat. Maybe in a few months we will hear about this, but I don’t think it’s a big issues, President Bush should stick to Iraq.

Besides have you ever known a Green party member who wasn’t a stoner or hippie?…
Maybe Colin was sent to Africa so he couldn't interfere with imminent war plans. SWEET IDEA, SWEET IDEA!!!
On the plus sude, if Colin Powell storms out when objecting to calls for America to curb its pollution levels, it won't cause as much of a youknowhatstorm than if Bush did the same.
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