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Full Version: Who would you vote for?
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Normally I would make this a poll, but I'm really only interested in the responses to this choice from declared Republicans and I don't think there is a way to make a 'Republican only' poll.

So, here's the question......


If the Presidential election were held today and Joe Lieberman was the candidate from the Democratic Party, John McCain from the Republican Party, who would you vote for? And, of course, to keep away from the one line responses, why?
McCain, hands down.

McCain may be a "maverick" but he is a pretty solid conservative in my book.

McCain: On the Issues
Pro-death penalty.
Anti-abortion on demand.
Pro school choice.
Pro-free trade.

His one strike in my book is campaign finance reform, which was simply handling wrong. It was probably a good idea, but the result was simply worse than the problem it was trying to fix.

All in all, McCain is a mainstream conservative. He is more conservative than President Bush in my opinion.

I would vote for him without hesitation.

McCain is a no-brainer in this poll. The only hesitations I have on him is his stance on trade relations with China and Vietnam. Although he has spoken out against both of these nation's record of oppression, normalizing trade with both of these nations isn't something I'd like to see.

But since no one is gonna bat 1.000 with everyone on different issues, McCain is still a great choice and would anhillate Liberman in a presidential race.
McCain, Leiberman ticket, anyone??? hmmm.gif

Better than Hillary. tongue.gif

After reviewing the facts I'd say that I'd vote for McCain. He's much more conservative than Lieberman.

The Facts: To see how they line up, just click and scroll down to see how they vote.



The real problem is that we're going to be going up against Hillary, not Leiberman. sour.gif
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