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Full Version: Federal Money for Katrina/Rita relief
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Congress has opened up a very large sum to try to provide relief to the hurricane bashed areas of the Tex/LA/MS/AL gulf coast.

The questions for debate are:

In this case what is your philosophy about how federal money should be involved and why? (e.g. cut the red tape and spend money quickly, watch closely for inefficiency and corruption, the federal government should not subsidize hurricanes at all, with a close eye to help alleviate the condidtions of poverty revealed by Katrina that exists in New orleans)

Based on your philosophy how is the federal government performing so far?

Add in links to support your position. This thread was triggered by my reading about the federal contracts this weekend in my local paper. Here is a more opinionated version of what I read in a Chicago Sun-Times AP article.

Katrina's big contracts go to political loop
Federal money should only be involved in a very limited, short-term scope.

These problems show exactly why "top down" management of these crises is not the wise course of action.

If the money (or at least the management of the money) was local, then there is more accountability. Of course, locals are just as prone to accept donations as anyone, but at least there is a greater accountability.

I think it is a mistake to throw big money at rebuilding New Orleans. Help them out, sure, but it is absolutely not the federal government's business to be rebuilding entire cities, unless it is a national priority that everyone could agree to and (more importantly) agree to shelf their pet projects.

We can see from the infighting on the "targeted cuts" that there is no consensus of emergency, no national priority here. When a guy from Alaska won't abort his "bridge to nowhere" to help the victims of Katrina, we know that the heartstrings of America aren't really in this.

I have argued before that helping to the extent that President Bush suggested (tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars) opens up a can of worms that will be hard to put a lid on.

How much money should the "victims" of Hurricane Wilma get? How much for flood victims in Massachusetts? Where does it end?
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