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Billy Jean
As suggested, I'm starting a new thread on where the world is headed and is it just a natural cycle of human behavior?

I look at current events and see patterns, not that the past wasn't horrific, it was. But I see things coming back around again, circular, history has a tendency of repeating itself and I think we're coming close to one of those loops. I see 9\11 as our generations Pearl Harbor and I think the way things have been going since the fall of the former Soviet Union, causing a an imbalance of power, has now brought us to a period of great instability in the world. There is no longer just two opposing forces with the "button". I think in the last fifteen years there has been a slow swing of the pendulum that was pushed dramatically on 9/11. Our boarders are unprotected, our national identity is being swept away, along with our rights. Islamic extremists, terrorism, diseases, starvation, the "war for oil" over seas and in our wallets. The blatant pacification and hypnotic grip media has on our lives. Anxiety, lack of empathy and total disconnect we have from our neighbors and instead, a sick fascination we've developed (me included) with what we're presented with as entertainment: 24 hour news.

It's not getting better, it's getting worse...again. Job opportunities are being sent over seas, while the cost of living here goes up and manual labor jobs are being devoured by illegal aliens who aren't above working for a living, apposed to the laziness of the average couch potato. "New World Order". Our national debt and the fall of the once great manufacturing industry of America. Riots, nationally and internationally. And a deep divide of our political parties to almost an unhealthy desire to destroy ourselves from the inside...kind of like...

The Roman Empire and the USSR and the British Empire in it's hay day.

But that's just what I see. hmmm.gif

Do you think that the world is going along an optimistic path or pessimistic path?
What can you relate from history that mirrors current events and where it might lead us?
Possible WW3?
New World Order?

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