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From time to time we like to post some statistics about America's Debate (ok, we do it rather infrequently unsure.gif ). So without further delay...



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Top 50 search terms so far for November 2005:

1 judicial activism is necessary to protect the rights of america
2 uniforms in public schools
3 emmett till
4 against school uniforms
5 legalization of prostitution
6 audra mitchell
7 republican vs democrat
8 americas debate
9 school uniforms debate
10 judicial activism necessary
11 reasons for iraq war
12 judicial activism debate
13 republican vs. democrat
14 judicial activism is necessary
15 pregnant barbie
16 debate on school uniforms
18 racism against whites
19 school uniform debate
20 causes of rape
21 school uniforms in public schools
22 search and seizure cases
23 public school uniforms
24 sexiest women
25 gonzales vs. oregon
26 rayful edmunds
27 why school uniforms are bad
28 americasdebate
29 post traumatic slave syndrome
30 america's debate
31 is judicial activism necessary
32 sophia lauren
33 theory of biogenesis
34 define racism
35 debate school uniforms
36 pros and cons of universal health care
37 fun debate topics
38 political debate
39 reasons to rebuild new orleans
40 hk xm8
41 uniforms in schools
42 'i have a problem with the term african american...the word neg
43 cell phones in school
44 creationism vs. evolutionism
45 debate judicial activism
46 debate resources
47 difference between republican and democrat
48 gay marraiges
49 pregnant barbie doll
50 robert redford


We've got a new statistics service we are trying out, so we should have some much more interesting statistics next month. smile.gif

Here's a list of governments or government agencies that visited us in October: - Australian Capital Territory Government - Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Atlanta, GA Government - Beltsville Atricultural Research Center - Federal Bureau of Prisons - Suffolk County Govt. (NY) - Brighton & Hove City Council - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - US Census Bureau - Commodity Futures Trading Commissioner - Center for Good Governance, Andhra Pradesh, India - City of Chandler, AZ - Central Intelligence Agency - California Dept. of corporations - Waskington, DC Government - Australian Government - Dept. of Defence - City of Denver Government - State of California - Dept. of General Services - US Dept. of Homeland Security - US Dept. of Energy - US Dept of Energy - Albuquerque (National Nuclear Security Administration) - US Dept. of Labor - California Dept. of Transportation - US Dept. of Transportation - Virginia Dept. of Planning and Budget - California Dept. of Social Services - US Dept. of Education - US Environmental Protection Agency - Export-Import Bank of the United States - Federal Aviation Administration - Fairfax County, VA - Federal Communications Commission - U.S Food and Drug Administration Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Federal Emergency Management Agency - General Accountability Office - Alberta, Canada Government - British Columbia Government - Prince Edward Island Government - Canada - Government of Bulgaria - US Government Printing Office - NASA Glenn Research Center - US General Services Administration - NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center - Unknown - Hampshire County Council - Hampshire, England - US House of Representatives - Illinois State Government - Internal Revenue Service - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA - Johnson Space Center - NASA - Kennedy Space Center - Lakeland, FL - Law Enforcement Online - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Maricopa County, AZ - Miami Beach, FL Government - Mato Grosso - Brazil - National Library and Information System Authority of Trinidad and Tobago - US National Archives and Records Administration - National Centers for Environmental Prediction - National Data Buoy Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Remote Access Services, Common IT Services, Ministry of Management Services, British Columbia, Canada - National Institutes of Health - National Institute of Standards and Technology - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Dept. of Employment and Training - Dept. of Industrial Relations - Queensland, Australia - New York City Government - Dept. of Energy - Oak Ridge National Laboratory - US Open Source Information System - Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Queensland Police Service - Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Philippines - Sandia National Laboratories - US Securities and Exchange Commission - Sedgwick County, Kansas - Unknown, US Dept. of State - Southampton City Counsel, Southampton, Hampshire, UK - Dept. of Energy - Savannah River Site - Polish Government - US Dept. of State - Surrey County Council - US Dept. of Treasury, Secret Service - Queensland Treasury (Australia) - Unknown CIA - Judicial Branch of the US Government - US Dept. of Agriculture - US Dept. of Justice - US Geological Survey - United States Postal Service - US Patent and Trademark Office - US Dept. of Veterans Affairs - Unknown - US Dept. of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration (Ceased to exist 2.20.05) - York County, VA

Is there any way of telling whether visitors from these governmental and commercial domains are on official business, or are just goofing off during their lunch? mrsparkle.gif

(Expecting the answer 'no')
Audra Mitchell? laugh.gif
QUOTE(Julian @ Nov 21 2005, 07:32 AM)

Is there any way of telling whether visitors from these governmental and commercial domains are on official business, or are just goofing off during their lunch?  mrsparkle.gif

(Expecting the answer 'no')

Your expectations are correct. wink.gif

QUOTE(moif @ Nov 21 2005, 09:05 AM)
Audra Mitchell?  laugh.gif

Heh... that's what Jaime said...! She was number 9 back in May of 2004. Good to see she's moving up in the ranks... ermm.gif

Thanks. I just googled au.dra mitchell* at work and now I have that on my permanent record...

Interesting to note the secret service is surfing here ph34r.gif

*misspelling to throw off the spiders next time
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