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There used to be a way you could see everyone who was on at the bottom of the main page(about 8 months ago).. I was curious if you could bring that back Mike.


PS. My pm box says -1 messages... I know nobody writes me many messages, but -1 sheesh tongue.gif

Nothing has changed at all in months in regards to how the forum functions, so I'm not really sure why the stats at the bottom are not showing up for you. In theory, it is impossible for them to show for me and not show for you.

I wonder if you may have hidden them. Take a look at the screen shot below, and, if the stats look the same as the screen shot, click the "Show" button hilighted by the arrow.


As for the PMs, that has happened to me on occasion, and I'm not sure why. It usually corrects itself after a while. I'll send you a PM to see if it forces an update. smile.gif

Let me know if either of these help!


This was resolved via PM. smile.gif
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