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Full Version: Is World War Three upon us?
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Billy Jean
9/11, "War on Terrorism", Iran's madman, Iraq, Afganistan, the "Axis of Evil", Hammas' upset in Palestine, Israel's political woes with Sharon in acoma and the return of Netenyahu. Syria and the unknown stance of China and Russia. France warning of nuclear retaliation, Germany wanting the bomb. "Wars and rumors of war." Are we close to the brink?
Feeling a little paranoid today, Billy Jean?

I don't think the world is any closer to WWIII today than any other day. It's just a violent and unstable world but I'm trying to think of a time when it wasn't.

Nothing new about the drama going on now. There's always unrest and political upheaval. There have always been groups of people who hate each other for being in the other group.

Somehow the world muddles through. Even a world as sick as this one. ill.gif

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