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I've recently started using "Pluck" for my favorite sites to see what has been updated. After getting used to it, it really make life easier for news junkies like me. This would be an awesome feature for AD.

Is there any chance of AD providing an RSS feed at some time in the future? Or is it already available and I'm too much of an moron to find it?
Hi DaytonRocker.

We do have plans to implement RSS feeds when we finally upgrade to the latest newest version of the forum software.

I'm not too sure when I'll finally do the upgrade, though. I initially postponed it because I wasn't happy with the new version of the software when it was initially released. It was buggy, and I knew they would be releasing another upgrade shortly after that, which they did. Now, they're getting set to release yet another upgrade.

The new version still has some changed features that I'm not entirely happy with (like a new post screen that is not very user-friendly in my opinion). So, uhh... I don't really have a good answer as to when we'll have good RSS support beyond "when I think there are enough new features to warrant the dozens of hours it's going to take to recode the entire site." ermm.gif

In the mean time, try this:


Thanks Mike. Really, this is all I need.
Dumb question incoming.

I read Google's About Feeds page, but what does it look like? I mean the end result, not the "gobbledygook" code. If I used their RSS and Atom code would my blog look like it was taken over by a Google clone?

Could someone link a screen shot of their RSS please?
Cube Jockey
It depends on the RSS reader that you use. This article gives a good summary of the current state of RSS readers with reviews and links to all of them.

One not listed which is Mac-only that I use is called NewsFire.

The interface for these things is nice, it won't look like a page of code when you read it smile.gif
I use the RSS reader that is built into Thunderbird. Here's a tutorial for Thunderbird's reader. Blogs & newspages usually appear normal. There are a few that read text only, though. Not sure why. I'm sure one of our techies could answer that. online2long.gif
I use Pluck and it works just fine for me. The AD summary topics are refreshed as they become available and that's all I really need to know.

For any of you wondering about it, if you're a news junkie, RSS is the way to go. As soon as new information becomes available on any of your favorite websites (that support RSS), the RSS reader will find and let you know. I browse through summaries of most without even having to go to each website and look for it.

I highly recommend it.
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