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Full Version: 'Dog whistle' to control youths
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Dog whistle' to control youths

This is very funny to me and I expect this to be a big seller if true. I can just imagine roving groups of senior citizens driving around town getting revenge. laugh.gif

If the technology works and causes no physical damage is this type of sonic security/crowd control right/fair?

Should it be allowed to be implemented?

What kind of guidelines should be set to prevent misuse; harassment, deliberate abuse of the technology?
Victoria Silverwolf
I would suggest that this kind of technology could be used appropriately under the right circumstances. By this I mean, if there is a crowd of young people who are actually causing a problem which requires the use of force (not just "hanging around") then this would be a "kinder, gentler" form of force, as compared to more traditional methods.

I can see possible problems with it. (What if a shopkeeper just doesn't like young people, and turns it on for no good reason?) However, I would not totally ban such technology.

It would difficult to prevent such abuse entirely. Perhaps this problem could be reduced by requiring some sort of license to operate such a device.

I can see where use of this device could lead to possible lawsuits, justified or not. Assuming it is 100% safe, and a shopkeeper uses it only when clearly necessary to prevent a threat, such lawsuits should not stand in the way of appropriate use.
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