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Full Version: While Spell Check is Down
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Here's a suggestion.

Compose your post in a word processor.

I do my longer posts in Microsoft Word.

The plus side of this is that MS Word does a better job of offering alternatives than the board spell checker.

The downside is that Word also check grammar, but is often wrong in its suggestions.

Sometimes, as with this post, which I did on the board, I'll paste the post into Word for spell checking and then back into the board's posting box after making the corrections in Word.

I assume this process will work with other processors, such as Corel Word Perfect.

Like many of you, I have a problem with proper names. If I have a doubt, I type the name in Google. If I'm wrong the message comes back, "did you mean"? This is very helpful.

I had trouble with Zarqawi. I kept wanting to spell it Zarquawi. American habit. tongue.gif

This sounds time consuming, but it's not. I hope this is helpful to other perfectionists. laugh.gif
The spellcheck is bick... err.... back. ermm.gif
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