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Full Version: Dear Moderators, Thank You Very Much!
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nighttimer said this on another thread:

QUOTE(nighttimer @ Jul 9 2006, 12:31 AM) *

What I've learned:

Being a Moderator or Administrator is a thankless job. I never realized how much before this place.


America's Debate is the best site on the web.

You know, without the Moderators and Administrators constantly working to maintain the high standards here, that just wouldn't be true.

The members and guests are forever in your debt for the service that you provide.

All Moderators and Administrators, please click here...

...and here.

You people are great! We appreciate you very much! Thank you!

I submit to the members that we declare the entire month of July to be Moderator Appreciation Month!

I further request of the Administrators to pin this thread in a prominent location so as to provide a constant opportunity for the members to express their feelings of thanks, and for the Administrators and Moderators to be constantly reminded of our gratitude.

Thank you all for the wonderful job that each of you do!

Aw shucks, schmed. That's awfully sweet of whaddayawant? w00t.gif

I'd like share my gratitude for the mods here too. Especially now that Mike and I are up to our ears in the radio show, YIR, and working on various other upgrades and sister sites, I lean on our mods more than ever. Of course, it sure helps that the ad.gif members are some of the most mature, civil debaters on the internet.

Group Hug!! wub.gif
Mrs. Pigpen
Aw, you're welcome, schmed. blush.gif flowers.gif

We owe it all to the admins and great group of debaters (like you!) we have here, though. It makes the job pretty easy. smile.gif

((((Group hugs all around)))))
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