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Full Version: I'm curious if anyone else here has my problem
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I checked with management and they haven't found anything wrong so I was curious to see if it was strictly my computer or if someone else had my problem. On one thread and only this one thread my computer goes into automatic refresh mode over and over. It was a thread I posted on in the past so this problem is recent. I was curious if anyone else experienced this same problem. Presumably it's a problem with my computer because folks continue to post there. Still I thought I'd ask others to click on to it to confirm whether it is only me.

The thread is Questions about Israel and Palestine

Edit. The copy and paste on the above thread was right however trying again from the source I notice a one number change in the url. Different number, same result.

The new url with the same result is Questions about Israel and Palestine 2

Looks like I found the culprit or at least one of them. First here is the url.

On further inspection the problem appears to be here - (40&#). If I substitute (0&# or 10&# or 20&#) no instability occurs but (30&# or 40&#) the instability shows up. It should be noted that earlier I posted successfully on the 30+ and 40+ sequences. Strange.
I've not had any problems with that thread. Perhaps we should start a new one for you, is that allowed here?
Hi Dingo.

I haven't found a problem because I haven't had a chance to look yet. You PMed Jaime last night, she asked for more information before sending it on to me, and you responded this morning. Factor in that I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and went straight to a birthday party, and your PMs haven't even landed in my inbox yet. wink.gif

I'll take a look at this now, though. smile.gif

I've tried the topic in FireFox and Internet Explorer, and it works fine for me in both.

The # is used to tell your browser to scroll down the page to a certain post. The URLs we use are completely standard. The software we use that generates the pages is used at tens of thousands of websites.

Since I haven't heard about this problem before, and since I check the software developer's forum every day several times a day, I am leaning towards this being a problem with your browser.

If you could please forward your browser information to me ( Help -> About ) that would help. Either post it here or PM if you prefer.

In the mean time, try clearing your temporary internet files. Only speculation, but maybe one of the forum files has been cached by your browser (style sheets, javascript, etc), and that it has somehow been corrupted.

In FireFox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache -> Clear cache now.

In IE: Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Delete files.


Mike I tried deleting the temporary internet files but no improvement. Do you think defragmenting might help?

Here is the IE browser info. for what it's worth.

Version: 6.O.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519
Cipher Strength: 128-bit
Product IK:76477-OEM-0011903-00103
Update Version:; SP2;

Clearly the problem as you say is the browser. For some reason until you mentioned the browser it had completely escaped my mind that I had another browser - Netscape. I guess I tended to neglect it in my thinking because I haven't been able to upgrade it. Keep getting a message at the end of the download telling me it won't take. Still it is handy to have around because the java works which isn't the case with my IE under certain conditions. Sort of chat room handy. smile.gif

In any case it does work with the thread in question so now I can pick up on all the unfair barbs thrown my way. laugh.gif

I'm not sure what you can do with the info. but whatever you can come up with would certainly be appreciated. This is about the fifth time I believe I have been bugged by this automatic refresh problem; the others on nonAD sites. Thanks and I'd appreciate it if you would post any suggestions here.


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