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Full Version: Intelligent Falling
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OK Gravity has some questions. Yes no one has been able to tie the eltromagnetic to the gravity to date so we do have some questions. Does this make it junk science?

Question ,if we are not 100% sure of something should we remove it from science? and only teach religion?

Int falling

Some evangelical physicists propose that Intelligent Falling provides an elegant solution to the central problem of modern physics.

"Traditional scientists admit that they cannot explain how gravitation is supposed to work," Carson said. "What the gravity-agenda scientists need to realize is that 'gravity waves' and 'gravitons' are just secular words for 'God can do whatever He wants.'"
if we are not 100% sure of something should we remove it from science? and only teach religion?

In short, no.

Not because of the religion or philosophy replacing it, simply because thatís not how science works and anyone that thinks thatís how it does is simply out of touch with science. Its like expecting science to be able to understand everything overnight... As for intelligent falling, well I have no idea really what those people are getting at, do we have then is to say intelligent dinosaurs and intelligent iron deposits in meteorites.

At lot of people cant simply grasp in the conclusion common sense aspects of the natural world, like the argument against evolution over entropy, I guess I can just toss out my swamp cooler and plants grow because of magic, or that no chaos exists and snowflakes all look perfect under a microscope.

I treat such endeavors like I treat other aspects of ignorance, simply not knowing the truth on something is no reason to simply say this is why without the need to actually find out, or discover truth. One more thing is simply that gravity exists because Thor lost a bet to Zeus, thatís the truth on that one.


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