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Mike this is mainly for you. I have be messing around with IE 7 (I know how can I use such a piece of the evil empire machinery) to get an idea of how my web page will display on the new browser. Which I may add is very important b/c most people will end up using it. Anyway... I really love the new google toolbar and they added a feature called the google button. Basically it creates a shortcut on the google toolbar for websites. If anyone wants to see how it works download the new google toolbar and click the "google button" thing on my website.

Mike is it possible to get that for ad.gif? Perhaps you have done this already and I've just missed it.

btw I know I'm not posting as much as in the past but work kind of clamped down on internet surfing. damn the man!

Here are the links for more information.

Here is another useful site for converting .ico file for the bookmark.
Hi Nemov.

I don't quite understand the point of a Google Button.

Looking at yours, it seems to be a search shortcut. It wouldn't work here without modification because we use a post-based search form instead of a get-based search form. Also, non-members do not have access to our built-in search, and instead are directed to a Google site search that saves server usage on our end and allows us to generate a small amount of revenue on guest searches.

It lists the RSS feeds, too, but so should any decent browser (I don't run beta browsers, or betas from Microsoft, so I have no clue if IE7 lists RSS feeds like Firefox does). Even if a browser doesn't list the feeds like Firefox does, we have an RSS button at the bottom of every page that lists them.

If there is something I'm missing here let me know, but I just don't see much of an advantage for us in setting this up, and I don't see any functionality that cannot be duplicated with a simple browser shortcut.


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