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guy catelli
hi, All,

i joined AD back in May 2005. i've been lurking, from time to time. since then. recently, i've begun to stick my toe in the water. below is a post i made last night, verbatim and in its entirety, to this thread: US Support for Israel, Cui Bono?

Ambivalence, antipathy, and resentment toward and about the United States have made up an important component of European culture since the American Revolution, thus way before America became the world's "Mr. Big" the proverbial 800-pound gorilla and a credible rival to Europe's main powers, particularly Britain and France. In recent years, following the end of the cold war, and particularly after 9/11, ambivalence in some quarters has given way to unambiguous hostility. Animosity toward the United States has migrated from the periphery and become a respectable part of the European mainstream.

So, too, with hostility to Israel. Because of its association with the United States, Israel is perceived by its European critics as powerful, with both countries seen as mere extensions of one another. To be sure, there is something else at work here as well, because America has many other powerful allies that never receive anywhere near the hostile scrutiny that Israel confronts on a daily basis. Clearly, the fact that Israel is primarily a Jewish state, combined with Europe's deeply problematic and unresolved history with Jews, plays a central role in European anti-Semitism. But today we are witnessing a "new" anti-Semitism that adds to traditional stereotypes: It is an epiphenomenon of anti-Americanism.

source: US Western Europe's America Problem

this morning i find it has been removed.

it seems to me to conform to the AD rule "V. Posting full or partial texts of copyrighted materials, regardless of ownership. Our excerpting limit is no more than two consecutive paragraphs, and no more than six paragraphs per article. ..."

no biggie -- just wondering what i overlooked.

Your post was deleted last night because there was no post, only a quote. Just as we do not allow 'one liners', as they are not constructive...........we simply have to have something from the poster, not just quoted material. flowers.gif
DTOM is correct. Our Rules require that all posts be constructive, so that they add to the debate in some way. smile.gif
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