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Full Version: Child bugs
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I saw this touching story on the news that described how these implants would be inserted under the clavical of a child and in the event that said child gets kidnapped they will use cell phones or other devices to track him/her down. Can we really be this naive to think that this is all they will be used for...
Hey - my cat has one of those devices.... blink.gif
Unfortunately, I think there are many people who believe that the government won't use it.

Here's a perfect example:

Many states, like Illinois, have toll roads.

These toll roads are probably one of the dumbest ideas the government has ever had. Let's take 70 mile an hour traffic and bring it all down to a screeching hault so we can squeeze travelers out of an extra 40 cents.

To say the least, they are an inconvenience. But out of this inconvenience came a great idea. Now, they have this little device called I-Pass. Basically, you send the state $50 and they send you a radio transmitter with $50 worth of prepaid tolls. So now, instead of stopping, you can simply drive 25 miles per hour right through the toll, and they deduct it from your account. Makes sense to me.

It was a good idea with exception to the fact that these devices cost the state money to purchase, and they didn't pass it off to the users. But anyways....

Some states that have the same type of programs (not Illinois yet as far as I know) have used these transmitters as a way to track people and to catch them speeding.

If it takes you less than an hour to pass through two toll booths 60 miles apart, connected by a 60 mile per hour road, you were speeding. There's no doubt about that. And some states let you know via a speeding ticket.

And in other cases, these systems have been used to show the whereabouts of defendants in court.

Both of these systems, however, were designed and sold to the public as a "convenience".

It turns out the convenience was on the states' behalf, not the users'.

So, I will never get a "chip" implanted in my body. I will never get a "National ID Card". And I will never give the government any more information on a census than is required by the Constitution (head count only, no bathroom-tv-radio-car-income count for me, thank you).

Call me paranoid. Call me what ever you want.

I don't trust the government, and anyone who does, in my opinion, is foolish.

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