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Full Version: more than one day off for Christmas
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I hope I am in the right thread for this LOL.

I want to ask members what they think about the idea of requesting our American President, regardless of who he/she may be to have two days for Chrismas in the future.

I think one of the problems about Christmas being/becoming too commercial is because realtors are open Christmas Eve and some on Christmas day at least in the Morning along with the constant bombardment of commercials to purchase products to make another happy. I don't think this would hurt the economy or cut down much on shopping time. People would get used to starting their shopping a day earlier and now there is shopping online that cuts down on shopping on Saturdays or taking off work to go shopping. Many people don't get off on Christmas Day let alone the day before to travel to family members. A lot of family members today live a distance away from one another and having to visit parents and in laws on the same day can be hard for many people let alone have to work on both days or even just on the one holiday off, for so few, on Christmas day. Also parents who live with their children want that morning to celebrate with their children and children most likely want to stay home and play with their toys (presents) so some families. Some families are split up because of divorce. There are many different reasons for wanting two days for Christmas. We don't live in the 50's anymore. Also many Jewish people who need a week to celebrate chanuka have to use their sick/vac/personal days that extra day off would be a help to them.

Many married couples have to visit each others family one day and the other side the next day. I think it would help a lot of people to have the day before Christmas and Christmas day a holiday off work.

The only problem I can think of for now is if employees don't get paid for holidays, which really stinks and Law enforcement, hospital employees would not get this as they are necessary to always be open to the public.

Good idea or bad??? hmmm.gif


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