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I get this in here:

Pookie, why lurk when you can post?

We know you have an opinion because you have posted before, but you haven't posted in over a month!

Why not find a topic that interests you and post your opinion? We would love to hear it!

I come in to read and post, and I am sorry, my job has been quite difficult lately. I'm working 12 - 16 hours a day and sometimes when I get home, I am sorry, but sometimes I am too pooped to even turn the computer on.
plus I've been down with the flu and had to miss work but again, I am sorry, I felt too sick to get on the computer.
I hope you all will forgive me, and I hope you all will bear with me. I'm sorry, I am not perfect, and sometimes the computer is not a priority at times.
I know for many folks, the computer is their first priority. I am just a little different I guess, and I will try to be here more.
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