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Full Version: Good evening.
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I happened upon this place last week and appeared in the chat as Jonathan (a name that is already taken up by a member on the forums, otherwise that would be my name on here as well), just in time for the show. I found it by doing a search for "For purposes of fairness" looking for Obama's statement in a debate when asked about capital gains taxes being raised, despite the proof that revenue drops when that happens. I enjoy arguing debating politics on the internet because I do learn a lot, though I feel a tinge of frustration at the inability to teach others what I have learned (it was an internet debate that prompted me to search for the Obama quote). I would enjoy debating politics in person but every time I win, I turn a friend into an enemy, so I try to stay away from that.

I am originally from New Orleans, LA. Joined the Army at 17, did almost 9 years and ended up in the D.C. for the last half of my time (got out September, 2006). Still in the area today. My wife is from Atlanta, which is how I got to listening to Boortz, which then in turn had me searching radio stations for other talk hosts and I transformed from someone who didn't know the difference between a Democrat and an Republican (like there is a difference now lolol), to someone who... well... knows more and is actually interested in this stuff.

Looking around the forums I see you guys run a pretty tight ship. Looking forward to learning how business is done and learning yet, even more perspectives on things.
Welcome to ad.gif Crawdad.
Danke. smile.gif
Victoria Silverwolf
Welcome aboard. Feel free to jump right in.
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