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Full Version: Thanks to everyone who came out to the chat!
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I want to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to the chat for the first presidential debate.

We ended up breaking our record. During the 2004 debates, we had 56 people as our record. This time, we ended up with over 90 people at one time, according to the chat server. People came and went throughout the night, and Jaime and I estimate that probably around 200 people passed through the chat room. Wow!

We simulcast the debate on America's Debate Radio, and maxed out our server with a total of 30 listeners as well.

As you can imagine, the chat room was pretty hectic with 90 people chatting at once. Everyone, for the most part, got along amazingly well. It was a great time.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and we'll see you at the next debate on Thursday, October 2nd.


I also want to thank everyone who joined us in the chat on Friday night. It was an amazing turn-out. Thanks!

ad.gif also had 38 new members sign up here at the forums since Friday evening. Wow, huh? That's great. Welcome to ad.gif

Let's all be sure to get together this upcoming Thursday, October 2nd, for the VP debate. More info: here. See you then flowers.gif
Thanks to everyone who came out for the chat for the second presidential debate. We broke the America's Debate all-time chat record, with at least 90 chatters at one time!

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We will of course be hosting a chat for the final debate on October 15. Since the debate falls on a Wednesday, when AD Radio usually airs, we will simulcast the debate and then open the phones for two hours of phone calls. Please be sure to call and tell us your impressions of the debate. smile.gif

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