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I am 24 yrs old. I work as a paramedic for a private ambulance company as well as am starting a business of hauling cars within my local state of Arizona. Growing up my parents were registered republican but voted for "who they thought would do the best job." I have recently decided to try and figure out what my views are politically. Mostly my belief is that we as a nation need to be united in one common goal to succeed. That is very difficult with as much diversity as we have, but with the recent economic situation I think things will be changeing. I really enjoyed the words from McCain at the first presidential debate where he talked about democrats and republicans getting together trying to resolve the issue. Uniting is of utmost importance in my book. Otherwise we are weak.

On a personal note I have been married for a year and a half trying our hardest to have children. I look forward to enjoying the privilage of raising a family. Another important political view I possess of the importance of families.


I'd been looking forward to your input here - it's always good to hear from those whose partisan loyalty hasn't fossilized. As we haven't heard from you since, I thought I'd give your intro a bump. happy.gif

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