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Victoria Silverwolf
I have to remember this quote for next time, from moif.


The choices you poor people have to put up with is depressing.

Says it all, really.

I am going to nominate this quotation by DTOM.

QUOTE(Dontreadonme @ Oct 13 2008, 11:52 AM) *
I think in the future I need to limit my debating to people who can actually use the English language.......
Here's a early contender for Most Convincing Post by Kalabus.

Obama has none of the stereotypes whites like to attribute to blacks, he isn't a loose cannon, he's paced, respectful, calm, speaks well in their eyes.....all those sort of things that don't scare old white people. He did have periods where he got a "little cocky" to many white people I know, when he seemed to shrug everything off and not get rattled, a little too sure of himself, and that fed into a stereotype, but that has seemed to have subsided.

Obama gets this as well, and tries as hard as he can to avoid race. If anyone found a single incendiary remark from him, angry at America in any way? He would be hurting.

When his wife was talking about election history and said this was the first time in her adult like she was proud to be an American, everyone clutched their chest and as they scrambled to quanitify their indignity about having their nation potentially questioned when it came to greatness, all the pundits could oddly yell back though is "She went to the best schools and she isn't proud of her country?" which I found baffling and confusing, I have no idea what that has to do with being proud of a nation's actions, even though she wasn't talking about that.

He has to highlight that "only in America" story because white people want to believe that, want to believe that America is more generous and accepting than the rest of the world (bold faced lie, but who's keeping track?), he can show no signs of bitterness about America, can't make any white people feel any guilt over how non-white protestants have been treated in American history and how that still impacts today.

I think he gets all this from having grown up around white people and being able to see the sort of insecurities in people that need to constantly be reaffirmed that "America is best!" over and over.

Best quote:

Willful ignorance is intellectual treason.
kalabus post on Race and Motivation
Constitutional Debate: Prop 8 and the California State Constitution
History Debate: The legacy of George W. Bush's administration

And another note to self: azwhitewolf as "Most Level Headed Member" (agreeing with Vicki here happy.gif )
Not sure what catagry as yet but the clear elegance and dexterity of this post by Wertz is fantastic.
Best rookie/newcomer/whatever: Maybe Maybe Not
I thought this line by Barnaby was clever:

QUOTE(barnaby2341 @ Oct 25 2008, 09:24 AM) *
If it was possible to swim in righteous indignation, you would be Michael Phelps.

Now, to find a suitable category.....

Best Quote reminder, by grey Seal:

Those who have been clinging to the idea of cherishing a political party more than the principles those parties supposed represent will be slapped awake and sent searching for a better party and maybe better principles.

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Maybe Maybe Not
QUOTE(JohnfrmCleveland @ Jan 26 2009, 04:45 PM) *
I thought this line by Barnaby was clever:

QUOTE(barnaby2341 @ Oct 25 2008, 09:24 AM) *
If it was possible to swim in righteous indignation, you would be Michael Phelps.
Hear, hear!

What a great line!
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