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Hi everyone. I am Tony ... aka NetMan.

Well ... I'm usually the guy in the corner who doesn't say much. Not that I haven't anything to say ... I just like to listen for a while before I jump into a conversation. So don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm just watching and listening ... first. As far as "about me" ... well I have a few passions worth listing: 1.) My wife, my only love, my best friend, my world ... all the same person. 2.) My car, my second love (well ... it's a different kind of love), my second chance at having the Hot Rod I never had. 3.) My drums, my stress management tool, my way of beating the living sh!t outta something and have something constructive come out of it. 4.) My job, my career. I love what I do. I make the machines dance.

I've been observing for quite some time now and have a great deal of respect for all of you. I feel this is a very well run forum that provides an opportunity for individuals to express their positions on issues without being "flamed" for it. I have visited a few other political forums that "sizzle" with hate from one side or the other. I look forward to participating in a good, healthy, civil debate from time to time.

That's about it.
Welcome Netman...I've seen you lurking and hope that you dive in and join the debates. Nothing whatsoever wrong with reading and learning....I do more of that than posting. I also feel the same way about my wife, but don't have the hot rod.....yet. devil.gif
Welcome aboard, netman. Lurking's cool. Come to think of it, I own this place and feel like I'm just lurking most of the time. laugh.gif

Plus, you're from Illinois, so you get bonus points from me for that. North or south of I-80?
Welcome to the board NetMan! Look forward to your viewpoint on everything important outside of your stated list.
Cool. Welcome and I look forward to your opinion.
Welcome to the forum.

I talk more than I lurk.... see? biggrin.gif
Paladin Elspeth
flowers.gif Welcome, NetMan! Feel free to jump in anytime--the water's warm at ad.gif ! mrsparkle.gif thumbsup.gif
Thanks for the warm welcome.

BTW Jaime ... I'm north of I80. In fact I'm only a couple miles south of I90

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