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Full Version: All ... no ... SOME About Me (Maybe Maybe Not)
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Maybe Maybe Not
Hello all. Glad to be here!

I found this site in a Google search for "civil debate and discussion." Having previously participated on two or three discussion boards with the same goal in mind and having had ... well, let's say "mixed" results.

I have no political party affiliation, and I never have had one. My voting record is all over the board - Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Reform, Natural Law, and others. My "Political Compass" score puts me decidedly into the libertarian right.

I'm opinionated. I'm stubborn. I'm competitive. I read a lot, and am therefore well-informed. I'm a true believer in my signature line about facts and evidence. I'm a husband, a father, a nurse, a golfer, a late Baby Boomer.

Anything else?
Welcome to ad.gif Maybe.........where are you from?
Welcome to the debate, I think you'll find the civil debate you have been looking for here. Again, Welcome!
Maybe Maybe Not
QUOTE(Dontreadonme @ Jan 18 2009, 05:54 PM) *
Welcome to ad.gif Maybe.........where are you from?
The Water Winter Wonderland.
(renamed the "Snow Wonderland" over these past few weeks)
Welcome, Maybe! I look forward to your contributions. Have fun!
Paladin Elspeth
Welcome, Maybe! I am also from the Water Winter Wonderland, on the Lake Michigan side. Hope you enjoy it here. flowers.gif
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