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Full Version: Searching for 'short' phrases
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I seem to have run up against a restriction on the search feature... that being that short words are not searched for. As an example, today I was trying to find an old topic that was, I believe "Why Do They Hate Us?" Every word in that phrase is less than four characters. Given that... how can one possibly search for the topic? Can the search feature be modified to not have this restriction when searching for an entire phrase? Suggestions welcome.
When I run up against this I do a Google search of ad.gif

To do this, in your Google search bar type
CODE "why do they hate us"

You'll get search results only from the ad.gif domain. Here are your search results doing the above: Link

You can actually use this trick to search any single domain.

Hopefully this will work for you. flowers.gif
Thanks, Jaime!

This topic I was looking for was one of the best ever on ad.gif, IMHO.
The limitation is a result of MySQL's FullText indexing. I could reduce the number of required characters to 3, but it would make the site veeeeerrrrrry slow when even a single person is searching.

The next upgrade is due out very soon. They're in the last stages of testing before releasing it, and I plan on getting it implemented this summer. It will be a major upgrade for us, since we skipped the last one. The last one just didn't offer enough improvements to justify the effort needed. This version, though, is a complete rewrite from the ground up, so I'll start working on it as soon as the final version is released.

I'm not sure if the new version includes improved search or not, but there was talk of using an open-source, 3rd party indexer to handle the searching. If it is included, I will definitely implement it.



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