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Full Version: New thread layout
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I see there is a new thread layout and I have to say it's very cumbersome to me. Is there a way to go back to the old version.. Or is this here to stay?
Hiya Sleeper,

I think your display mode somehow was accidentally changed. If someone links to a topic in a different display mode, it for some reason changes your preferences.

At the top of any topic, click the Options button on the right. There are three display modes listed: Outline, Standard, and Linear+. Outline is the one you probably don't like. Standard lists the posts within a topic from oldest to newest. Linear+ is the same as standard, but includes the first post of the topic at the top of the first and all subsequent pages.

Our default is Linear+, but you're obviously able to choose whichever you want.


My layout looks same as always. It has to be a local setting.
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