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If you'd like a place to post your reminders for potential nominations to the ad.gif Year In Review 09-10, let's post them here. I know a few of you have already posted to this topic - feel free to cross-post to this one if your memory may not serve in the next 11 months. - I know mine wouldn't. laugh.gif

For me, I want to remember to nominate ZeeSaga for Rookie of the Year. He rocks. Keep it up, Z!

I have to copy this down as my favorite quote from a debate:

Yeah... self preservation at any and all cost... yep, that sounds stereotypically human.

Thanks for the nomination, BTW.
Nighthunter for Rookie of the Year. thumbsup.gif
Best post, DR.

KSM: Lex Luthor in the flesh or convenient propaganda tool?
Best post

I like this one by AuthorMusician.

It is what I would tell Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Armey, the Cheney father and daughter, and Glenn Beck to their faces if given the opportunity.
I think this post by turnea in the "What is Liberalism" thread is top notch - best post (in Principles & Personal Philosophy)
Maybe Maybe Not
Best Topic - General Political Debate: Julian's "Is the World Changing? Is 'truthiness' the new fact?'"
Gray Seal
Best Post by droop224 in Should the Pledge of Allegiance be required? of the Domestic Policy forum.
Great original quote from DTOM here: Constitutionality of State Militias

True tyranny should be fought, legally.....and by force only in a dire emergency.....imagined tyranny should be laughed at.
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