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Another suggestion from your truly which will probably get shot down again. I think ad.gif should put in a military topic debate section. I mean it the one function of government that everyone besides anarchists agree on being kept and there are plenty of topics that can be debated under the military title: Don't Ask Don't Tell, War stategies, Vet benefits, active military benefits, the politics of the military leadership structure, medals and awards, war tactics, the draft. I guess some of these can be put under other topics but I think that military issues should be given their own section as it's a critical part of any lasting government ( that could even be a topic). Just another suggestion though and I hope people think this is much more needed than a sports topic area, whoever came up with that was just CRAZY. whistling.gif
I would certainly find myself active in that forum......and we have a few former and current military ad.gif members. I'm not sure it would get a lot of action, but I wouldn't oppose it [speaking personally, not representing the Staff].
I don't need to say much other than...

Yeah... we should.

Don't be such a pessimist... Good ideas can take hold.. laugh.gif
I'm not sure it would be clearcut what to put in there, as military topics would frequently have large political components.
Z - what could be in this forum that can't already be covered in the forums we already have? I still tend to think we have more forums than we need as it is...I'm not inclined to open any new ones.
QUOTE(Jaime @ Sep 25 2009, 08:54 PM) *
Z - what could be in this forum that can't already be covered in the forums we already have? I still tend to think we have more forums than we need as it is...I'm not inclined to open any new ones.

I'm sure most topics could be covered in other forums but I think people looking for military issues and topics would appreciate one set aside for topics specifically relating to the military. I would think military topics would be more used than the 3 gender issues areas or even some of the party specific areas and a few other areas. I don't know how much work it is for you all though but I think it would be a welcome addition with a very politicized area of government. If you think there are too many maybe switch out an unused or hardly used topic area for a military one. I'm not trying to be difficult I just think it is an important topic.
I like the idea but I think it's too narrow, the military (DOD) is not all there is to the Federal Government. I think there should be a way of setting aside topics that are about the nuts and bolts of government as a related but separate subject areas. What I would like to see is a kind of research/information forum that included rich topical subject matter like the military. I have often thought that AD could afford to set aside some room for more academic and detailed expositions.

There is only one way to know for sure, find the latest and greatest military topic threads and tell us all why they merit their own forum. Then I would suggest a list of questions and controversies that a forum might focus on. I suggested a history forum once upon a time, a long time ago and they eventually had one. The problem is that it saw little traffic and it was often awkward to find a topic that suited the AD crowd.
Mrs. Pigpen
I'm ambivalent. I think military issues fall pretty easily into other categories. They might even get more traction in other threads...I'm afraid posters would skip over the military topic area and go to current events. I've started several military topics in the past and didn't have a problem finding a spot for them.
I'm with Jaime on this one - the answer to the fact the gender-specific topics have their own debate areas, but military matters don't, yet military threads get more responses is not to create a new subforum for military matters but get rid of the separate subforums for gender-specific topics.

I think we could stand rationalising the separate subject areas down to about 10 or 15 different ones, rather than the 20 or so we have now.

There might be logic in saying that one of the rationalised subject areas should be military matters. For example, we could just rename the "War on Terror" forum, since the term itself has fallen out of favour, and since most (or the only?) current active military campaigns are Iraq and Afghanistan, but that may not always be the case, which kind of future proofs us should any notional future hot military action not sit easily under the WoT banner.

But even then I'm not sure. The logic would surely be than pretty much any other professional would be able to point to the new forum and say "I'm a doctor/lawyer/plumber/chicken sexer; I think there should be a separate forum for medicine/law/plumbing/chicken sexing". Or that every other cabinet-level area of government needs it's own forum? We seem to manage ok without a specific Food and Drug forum, for example?
Seems unnecessary. The military themes are well covered in other areas including foreign policy, domestic policy, war on terrorism and current events at least.
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