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Full Version: Small government ideology vs Reality of running government
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Though the libertarian party has grown in membership, it really hasn't translated to wins at the polls- a win is still few and far between enough to have any real influence outside speeches by Ron Paul. In order to win A lot of libertarian energy and attention goes to national races, but doesn't focus enough on local races IMHO. In order to win votes, you also have to prove, at the grass roots level, that you can run government locally before you can run nationally. I mean, most of our elected officials, no matter what branch, came up through the ranks of local politics.

The Libertarian party has no solid local network of locally elected officials that can be called up to the 'big leagues"

So my question is-

1) How does the libertarain party prove to the general public that it can run government smoothly and competently even though it has some extreme small government ideology?

2) In terms of politicians that promise small government, and deliver- can you provide an example where the politician is shown to be competent administrator of government? In other words, can you provide an example a declared small government ideological politician that delivers small government and still has a clean and vibrant district at the end of his/her term? Did the streets get plowed of snow and fires put out?

3) Is it possible to have someone that wants far less government hold an elected office that runs government (say school board member) and runs it well?

P.s.- I wanted to see a debate amongst Libertarians only in regards to being able to win a local election, and then fulfill the duties of that office well and do it so well that they are able to get re-elected, perhaps to a higher office. I would like to see a libertarian debate with a local flavor thumbsup.gif

I will start a similar topic in general debate, so those that favor small government but are not declared libertarian can pile on the discussion. thumbsup.gif
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