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Full Version: Greetings from The Mediator
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Who am I and how did I get here to Americaís Debate?

These days, Iím a guy looking for both a political party and a place to talk about it. The last several years have been rather eye-opening for me and Iím still not sure where I am today. I used to think I was fairly conservative, but time in the Marine Corps and back home in Mobile, Alabama, made me realize I was a complete liberal. Then I moved to San Diego, met more people in the gay community, and realized I was more of a moderate. I finally came to understand that trying to find my place on the political spectrum based on others was a mistake. I needed to find my own way.

A few years later I joined a Democratic message board and felt it was a fit on several issues, but I wanted a more balanced discussion. I joined a board with both liberals and conservatives, ended up an admin/owner, then walked away from it in frustration that there was more yammering and attacking than actual debate. Last stop before here was another board with liberals, conservatives and everything in between. And Iím still there and will continue to engage with the people I respect, but many of the discussions are denigrating to a point of parody. I feel as if I can write most of the replies just by seeing the postersí names. The owner and staff do what they can Ė and they work hard Ė but sorting the wheat from the chaff is getting more and more difficult a task.

So why is it so difficult for me to find a place I enjoy? Two reasons. One, I am a little column A, little column B when it comes to political and social issues. I support a strong military but advocate for oversight. I support civil liberties and the rights of the accused, but I also support the death penalty. I support expanded immigration policies but also support stronger illegal immigration defense and a secure border. I oppose abortion but defend a womanís right to choose. I support same-sex marriage butÖ well, no, that one stands on its own.

And the second reason? I am one of the few people who will readily admit that my positions are not set in stone, my mind is open to a persuasive argument, and I have changed my mind more than once based on extensive online discussions. Iím not just here to parrot talking points or broadcast my opinions. I value the perspective I have on life, but I am not so arrogant as to assume it is the only one worth having.

Well, I suppose thatís a lot for an introduction, but there it is. I found my way here through another member, and I am grateful to him for thinking that this place might be a good fit for me. Time will tell, but for now, Iím just happy to be here.

Oh, and my user name? It's what some started calling me at another site because I spent so much time trying to bridge the gap between our Right and our Left. Not sure if it was meant as a compliment, but I decided to take it as one.
Mrs. Pigpen
Welcome, Mediator! flowers.gif
Good to have you here Mediator!


Paladin Elspeth
It looks like you're going to be a valuable member of our forum, Mediator. Welcome! flowers.gif
I think liberal, moderate and conservative determinations are mostly in the eye of the beholder...welcome Mediator.
QUOTE(LoneWisdom @ Nov 14 2009, 08:42 PM) *
I think liberal, moderate and conservative determinations are mostly in the eye of the beholder...welcome Mediator.

I think you're right. In my case, what is considered moderate in California is considered liberal in Alabama. shifty.gif
Hello Mediator,

I read you are already debating yourself, meaning you'll do just fine in AD. Welcome...

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