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Full Version: What are Republicans up to?
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QUOTE(a blog I was asked to read)
My dad always said that the reason for our vibrant democracy is because we have a strong middle class. I didn't understand what he meant, but I get it now. When people lose faith, and when they lose hope, they stop voting. When that happens, corporations swoop in to take over. We saw that clearly and sadly in the last election. Now it is clear that the results of that election are taking us further in the wrong direction." (source)

At a rally last Saturday, I heard a discussion about a prison that Governor Snyder wants to close. One suggestionI heard, probably in jest, was that perhaps he saw a need to market it as a "gated community" for unemployed State Legislators."

I don't care to use Wikipedia as a source, but with over a quarter million hits for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, I have to start somewhere…

QUOTE(New York Times)
WASHINGTON — Discrepancies in reports about an appearance by Justice Clarence Thomas at a political retreat for wealthy conservatives three years ago have prompted new questions to the Supreme Court from a group that advocates changing campaign finance laws. (source)

QUOTE(The Washington Post)
As it is now, corporations are prohibited from helping candidates raise money. The furthest they can go is allowing a candidate to hold fundraisers on their property, and even then, the campaign must pay for the space in advance. But the three commissioners, all Republicans, said those prohibitions are "at best suspect" in light of Citizens United's protection of free speech for corporations. (Common Cause Asks Court About Thomas Speech)

In a conversation over lunch with a State Senator, it was mentioned that the wording of legislation that passed on a Party Line Vote last week, Governor Snyder can declare that Pontiac is operating on a deficit budget, dismantle the City and County governments, school boards, etc. and appoint an "emergency administrator " to sell the public schools and the Silverdome to private investors with no bid contracts to raise funds, transfer the properties to private ownership, collect property taxes… Potentially, State Highways could be sold to private corporations to collect tolls…

Wisconsin, I have heard on the television is trying to pass similar legislation to allow no bid sales of publicly owned power generating plants…

It has occurred to me that there seems to be a national pattern of Republicans and corporations conspiring to rapidly pass uniform state legislation on a national scale that would allow the rapid no bid transfer of public assets to corporations while at the same time breaking union contracts. ("You are no longer a public employee. Would you like to file an application for your old job?") It would be difficult for an individual to spot everything that is happening nationally. If we collaborate, and post links to our local events, perhaps we can find enough of a pattern to pass on to our friends in the Democratic Party to demonstrate that a RICO investigation needs to be opened.

What suspicious Republican activiities are you aware of?

Links please! Details please! Quickly! I am afraid that waiting a few months to begin circulating recall petitions may take too long at this pace.
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