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Full Version: Identify the source of your quotes
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Maybe Maybe Not
Is it too much to ask that posters quoting other posters identify AT LEAST the speaker of the quote?

The easiest way to do so is to use the "Quote" button at the bottom of the quoted post, then full information on the quoted post will be included automatically.

If you prefer to simply "Add Reply" to the thread as a whole, and add "[ quote]" and "[ /quote]" tags around selected text from another's post, start the quotation with "[ quote name='John Doe'], instead of just "[ quote]."

Or, you could preface your quote by addressing the person you subsequently quote.
Mistakes happen.
Maybe Maybe Not
I certainly understand.

It seemed to be happening more and more often, leading me to believe it wasn't just "mistakes." (Although it was one of your posts that pushed me over the edge, you are not the problem. Almost by definition, anyone who reads and responds to the "Comments and Suggestions" section is not the problem. I've never noticed this to be your practice. It was BECAUSE even you fell into this practice - even if by mistake - that I felt it necessary to say something.)
I'll ditto that request.

I know there's a countervailing tendency that annoys people, too, which is when people quote the entire post just to respond to one or two points (and I've sort of done things like that myself). So to avoid that they hit "Add Reply" instead of "Quote", and just cut-and-paste what they want to reply to. But for long threads especially, it makes it so much easier to track a discussion* when you know what post is being replied to. For some of us especially, time does not exist in infinite supply.

*which brings up another pet peeve of mine: people who reply to a post without tracking the discussion, and thereby completely miss the context behind the comment and force you to waste time bringing the lazy poster up-to-speed on what's being talked about.
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