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Full Version: The economics of the " lost generation" in America
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It's no secret that Japan faced a long time of economic flattening which greatly affected their culture. Japan's lost generation even has its own wiki entry that is rather extensive. In hearing the term "lost generation" being used more and more to describe how the economy is affecting our culture today, I can't help but notice that there have been a lot of references.

The Nation on the American lost generation

How the recession is creating a lost generation of under-earning, living home young adults.

Some trends that I have read about it include college graduates and "young adults" in their 30s moving back home, delaying marriage, and having children out of wedlock.

Minority perspective on the lost generation.

Questions for debate:

1.)Are we in a "lost generation" stage economically, or are our woes greatly exaggerated?

2.)In what ways are the American & Japanese lost generations similar or different?

3.)What can be done to reverse the trend affecting our lost generation? What solutions would've worked for Japan?
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