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Full Version: Devastation?
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Back posting... I saw a movie on Heroshima and Nagasaki and the question i have to you is... did the pollution and the ozone layer was a cause by the 2 nuclear weapons dropped on these countries and the continued testing by these America
Victoria Silverwolf
I don't think there is any evidence that nuclear explosions are in any way responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. The best evidence is that this is a result of the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) in air conditioners and other products. The chlorine atoms these chemicals release break up ozone molecules without themselves being changed, so that one CFC molecule can destroy a very large number of ozone molecules. (There is some controversy about this, which is best debated elsewhere.)

The primary concern about nuclear explosions is fallout. Here is an article about this subject, from USA Today:

Fallout likely caused 15,000 deaths
I used to work in the air conditioner industry. Although I left on my own, the place was decimated because of this CFC garbage.

The only lubrication in air conditioning and refrigeration compressors is oil that has to mix with the Freon. when Freon R-12 (or whichever one it was) got banned, alternatives were created.

And they were junk.

They could not get an oil to mix as well with the freon and caused bearings to wear out much quicker. So, the plant sold off many of it's assets, got rid of employees, and built another type of compressor in Mexico.

Anyhow, the tree huggers are jumping up and down about these CFC's and think the producers of these things should be burned at the stake. Well guess what? Remember Mount Pinatubo? When that volcano blew it's top, it released more CFC's into the atmosphere than man could release in a million years.

Mother Nature has been releasing more of this stuff for a billion years than we can even comprehend. But this planet is both big enough and resilient enough to handle this.

Now, don't get me wrong. We should respect our planet and do our share to help keep it clean. But this "junk science" is nothing more than a way to create hysteria.

It's along the lines of the hype surrounding the birth of the 6 billionth person on earth a few years back. We're being told how we will starve, fall of the planet, blah blah blah.

But, you could build every person on the planet a house and they would all fit in Texas.

This is a huge, huge planet that looks smaller because of CNN. And there's not much we can do that would be worse than what Mother Nature has already been doing for millions and millions of years.
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