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Full Version: Wednesday, Jan. 18th - America's Debate Radio
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Please join us on Wednesday, January 18, for our next live edition of America’s Debate Radio. Show starts @ 9pm eastern.

During the first hour, Mike and I will cover the news of this week.

Our second hour stars around 10pm eastern. This is the call-in hour. Please be sure to Call In to discuss anything on your mind. All topics are good topics, so be sure to give us a ring. We'll keep the phone lines open for a third hour if you keep calling.

At all times while the show is on, the Chat Room is open. Join us there as well at anytime during the evening.

If you are unable to call when the show is on live, but would still like to have your opinion heard, send us an email and we will read it on the air.

Talk to you Wednesday! Cheers! flowers.gif


PS - Remember! January 24 is the State of the Union Night - Join Us!
Happy Wednesday! Grab a mug of hot cocoa and tune in to the this week's edition of America's Debate Radio!

During our first hour, we'll cover the week's news. Tonight's topics are covered in today's America's Debate Radio Blog.

For our second hour, we open our phone lines and take your calls. So call in and discuss anything you would like. If you keep calling, we'll keep our third hour open for more calls.

Please also drop by anytime during the evening in our chatroom. Don't miss out!

We can't wait to hear from you! Talk to you soon smile.gif
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