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Full Version: Nominate: Best New Debater aka Rookie of the Year
America's Debate > Forum Information > Year in Review 11-12
For this category, the following information is required for a nomination to be valid:

*The name of the member whom you feel is the Best New Debater. The member must have signed up after July 1, 2011.

NOTE: The nominated member must not be banned, restricted or validating.

Reference: Members list
I nominate Val.

I did a search for members who had joined since June 30, 2011 and posted more than 5 times.

I found that Val was:

Posting on average once a day.

Browsing and responding in multiple threads.

Had started a couple of new topics.

She appears to have the potential of being a valuable addition to America's Debate.
I would like to nominate a Rookie of the Year, but who's got time to plow through 225 pages trying to find them? ermm.gif
We can sort members by join date in the member list. thumbsup.gif
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