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Full Version: Nominate: Best Overall Debater aka the Wertz Award
America's Debate > Forum Information > Year in Review 11-12
For this category, the following information is required for a nomination to be valid:

*The name of the member whom you feel is the Best Overall Debater.

NOTE: The nominated member must not be banned, restricted or validating.

Reference: Members list
I nominate Dingo.

He has been a solid contributor for a decade and deserves some recognition.

Oh, and ... flowers.gif
Raptavio. A giant frequently called upon to squish mental midgets. mrsparkle.gif
Second Raptavio
And not because he was the last person to post to this topic...JohnfrmCleveland
I get to listen as Paladin Elspeth pours the steaming red hot words onto the page, simmers them down slowly, edits out the vitriol, goes online to find a good citation, tries to insert links (I know whe knows how - she taught me), and finally says, "Does this make sense?" before she hits "Add Reply."

Then of course, she finds a few more words that she still wants to change...

I originally joined because I thought she needed someone to defend her. I stayed because this is much more fun than sitting in McDonald's eating scrambled eggs, drinking cold coffee, and listening to old men talk about their cars...

We both used to get a lot of help from Wertz when we first joined, and we had the pleasure of spending a day in Disney World with him. Wertz was a great help to newbies...
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