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Full Version: Nominate: Member You Wish Posted More Often
America's Debate > Forum Information > Year in Review 11-12
For this category, the following information is required for a nomination to be valid:

*The name of the member whom you wish would post more often.

NOTE: The nominated member must not be banned, restricted or validating.

Reference: Members list
Member You Wish Posted More Often: kmsouthern
I'll nominate the same person I did last year: "drewyorktimes". Hope he comes back.

Paladin Elspeth
I'd like to see Jaime be able to just post things rather than having to straighten people out and give admonitions all the time. (It would be good to see Mike simply post things, too.)

I nominate Jaime.
I second Jaime
This is going waaaay back. I nominate Kisov. Anyone remember her? We've actually known each other for a long time and I'd love to see her spout off here again once in awhile. devil.gif
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