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Full Version: Nominate: Member You Would Like Appointed to the USSC
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For this category, the following information is required for a nomination to be valid:

*The name of the member whom you would most like to see appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

NOTE: The nominated member must not be banned, restricted or validating.

Reference: Members list
Member You Would Like Appointed to the USSC: BoF

Paladin Elspeth
Well, he's already got a J.D. (which I hear was not always a prerequisite for someone to be appointed to the SCOTUS in the distant past), and I think what he writes makes a lot of sense, so I'm nominating JohnfrmCleveland.
Mrs. Pigpen
I'd trust Dontreadonme to be quite prudent and just.

...Oh, that sort of rhymed, didn't it? Sounds like the making of a campaign slogan...from 1890. online2long.gif
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