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On August 1, 2012, America's Debate will celebrate our TENTH anniversary! That's right, our first decade. How many debates is that now? hmmm.gif

What a decade it has been! So much news has happened in the last ten years, and it has been an honor to debate and discuss that with you everyday.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the nominations for the America's Debate Year in Review 11-12.
Now is the time for you to vote for the best of ad.gif !

Here's how the Year in Review works:

Phase I: Nominations
For the first phase, members are invited to nominate candidates for each different award category. This forum (Year in Review) is specifically dedicated to this purpose. In this forum, you will notice that there are many topics that we have started. Each topic is a different award category. Each member may nominate one and only one nominee for each award category. Please nominate the best candidate for each category, whether s/he/it has already been nominated or not. Second, third, and other follow up nominations will help determine the finalists.

Items of Note:
1: Members may not start new topics in the Year in Review forum, but you may reply in all nomination category topics.
2: Multiple nominations in the same category from the same member will be deleted, and only the first nomination will be considered. If you change your mind, and want to make a new choice please state so in your post.

Please feel free to submit a short statement detailing your reasons for your nomination, if you are so inclined. We ask that you refrain from posting commentary about other members' nominations. Excessive commentary posts may be deleted.

The first post in each topic outlines the minimum information required for acceptance of a nomination. This will usually be a link to a specific topic, or a specific member name.

Phase II: Voting and Winning
On or around August 3, 2012, the nomination phase will end, and the nomination posts will be closed. The nominations will be evaluated, and polls will be built containing the nominees. Then the official voting will begin. This voting remains open until mid-August.

At that point, the polls will be moved off the forum to allow for preparation of the list of winners of the Year in Review. The winners will be posted as soon at the votes are tallied and the winners list made.

Please direct any questions you have regarding the Year in Review to this topic: Questions Regarding YIR 11-12.

Good luck, and happy voting! smile.gif

After a bit of consideration and a nice PM from one you, we have opted to keep the Nominations period open a bit longer. We'll likely end them sometime next week.

Thanks to all of you who have made your choices known. For the rest of you, you still have time. Please keep those nominations coming!

We will be closing the nominations tomorrow evening. Last call! biggrin.gif
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